If you are having a website and you are not aware about the tracking status then there are the chances that you are not going to do as well your customers can do whereas proper tracking of property with Analytics tool like -

  • Google Analytics
  • Omniture
  • Any other third party tool

Our company's culture and everything we do for our clients is accurately tracked, analyzed and optimized. Google Analytics provides a complete picture of the past and current performance of an online business or website, relevant insights help identify both strengths and weakness enabling thoughtful and actionable future course of action.

Objective of Analytics tool :

  • Understanding customer behaviour
  • Understanding customer Acquisition
  • Understanding Customer engagement
  • Tracking of traffic from different sources/channels
  • Creating customized report with selected dimension and metrics
  • Can be used as a data source

We provide the following services under our Analytics division

  • Google Analytics account setup

    During initial set up of Google Analytics account setup service, eDatawork provide assistance to help you get an accurate interpretation about the account settings, and it's nuances. We do proper planning after an interactive meeting about your business. We make sure that your new account is perfectly configured to track the targeted KPIs and purposes of the campaigns. Proper tests are run to guarantee the accuracy of the tracking system. In our premium facilities offered to the clients, we focus on their business and execute marketing considering all the complexities of tracking the data.

  • Google Analytics Audits

    In our comprehensive Google Analytics audit, we evaluate and excute if you have integrated Google Analytics accurately to track all aspects of measurable business metrics that are important for your enterprise. eDatawork creates custom reports after understanding the specific needs of your business. The flaws in the storage of data collection often cause expensive mistakes in the performance of marketing campaigns and we at eDatawork help minimize that through a rock solid implementation of Google Analytics.

  • Insights, Analysis & Reporting

    There is a lot of power that can be uncovered in Google Analytics and it's really undercover. Our analytic bonds will help uncover the hidden secrets that your data contains through desired custom reports and other report points.

Google Analytics Consultancy

Having 10+ years of experience in providing consultancy services to small and medium organizations and helping them to expand their business online . we offer customized services, drive meaningful data to help you make smart decisions. We configure your accounts, provide easy access to performance data and build your confidence in online marketing decisions. We can check the implementation scripts regular reporting and scheduled calls and other necessary steps to keep your data processed in the best feasible and meaningful way .

We fine tune your account setup that helps track the campaigns better. The custom reports and data points that are generated shows clearly the channels that are driving better ROI (sales, leads, content consumption or whatever your specific goal that might need to be tracked) In the end, our primary intent is to add more context and meaning to your Analytics data.

As an consultant we provide :

  1. Configuring Your Account
  2. Optimizing Your Account
  3. Customizing Your Reports

Conversion Optimization

Based on the insights and the vast experience, our team can help you in optimizing the conversion rates by suggesting changes required in the website flow, user touch points, usability evaluation etc.

We provide internal site search optimization services in order to make your customers getting what they are looking on the website.

Measure your website’s success with the Web Analytic Services which we provide. Contact our experts to find out how well your website is performing. Analysts at eDatawork will analyze the progress of your web marketing efforts. At the outset, they will ascertain your goals following they will devise a plan of action to improve your marketing performance.

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