Companies or organizations dealing with bulk images are facing issues in its processing , Outsourcing image entry services will reduce the costing as well as time involved in processing these services within the organisation.eDatawork provides a wide range of Image entry services which can help you to focus on your other tasks which are more revenue generating in respect to image entry services .Accuracy and effectiveness is one of key performance indicators of our services for leading organizations of the world including United states ,united kingdom and Canada.

Our Services

Image Capturing

Image Sorting

Image Keying

Image Merging & Editing

Catalog Image Data Entry

Data Capture from Image

Image Indexing

Image Conversion

Image Data Entry into Spreadsheets or Databases of Choice

Image Entry from Scanned Images

Extracting Data from Images

File formats we work

Our extensive experience allows us to accept nearly any file format and complete projects in an exceptionally timely manner. In order to maximize the convenience for our clients, we work with a wide range of formats:

Tagged Image File Format
Graphics Interchange Format
Joint Photographic Experts Group
Abode Photoshop
Portable Document Format
Raster Image Format

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