Organizational competency requires that all the documents must be in a place to make sure that all valuable information is on place on daily basis so that there is no complexion in finding the relevant information at the the time of need.This involves the safe storage, security, and confidentiality of documents related to business transactions such as invoices, receipts, bills, reports related to business intelligence and strategies, etc.

This service involves document management digitization, imaging, indexing, and archiving services and the objective is to ensure safe storage and retrieval whenever required. When we are outsourcing right kind of document management support it ensures significant improvements in business efficiency as well as focus on mission-critical tasks.

eDatawork provides a complete range of document management services which will help your organisation to grow and expand in future.

Our Services

Ensuring that Document Integrity is Maintained

Providing Detailed Descriptions for Each Item

Facilitating Document Retrieval, Retention, Access

Complete Document and Text Indexing

Management of Complex Content Repositories

Annotation of Documents

Engineering Document Management Systems

Data Keying from Paper into Database Formats

Conversion of Microfilm into Digital Docs

Scanning and Data Capture

Data Processing

Why outsource Document Management Services to eDatawork?

Here are some excellent reasons, why eDatawork is the right choice for your document management projects:

  • 6 years of experience in providing accurate, timely, and customized document management services.
  • All documents are received, scanned, organized and stored with minimal delay; the process is tracked.
  • We are able to handle all kinds of documents: standard and non-standard.
  • Digitization of documents is carried out using automated technologies such as OCR and image scanning.
  • As a part of our document management services, we offer: storage, versioning, metadata, transmission, manipulation, security, as well as indexing and retrieval capabilities.
  • All processes comply with existing quality management, security and confidentiality standards; legal and statutory compliance requirements would be followed completely.
  • Our document management solutions can be seamlessly integrated with the enterprise systems
  • Centralized document archive
  • Storage and handling costs reduced by 50%.
  • Document loss controlled
  • Hiring staff cost reduction, installing equipment and training
  • Regular audits

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Data Entry Security

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