It is a fact that information's are not concrete for long periods and especially in IT organisation so they are changing as the time passes and the customers are having changes in a very dynamic nature . So this is not possible by an organisation to regularly update databases and that is crucial for avoiding data duplication and maximizing productivity. Maintaining an accurate database is also essential for driving well-targeted marketing activities. This is a an abstraction from core business goals and importantly resource consuming.

eDatawork has an 6+ years of experience delivering high quality outsourced data cleansing and data validation services. Our data validation and cleansing experts can detect and rectify any incorrect or inaccurate data contained within your database, to enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and your return on investment.

Range of Data verification and Cleaning services offered by eDatawork

  • Gender Standardization
  • Database Verification
  • Standardization of Address
  • Complete Data Cleansing Services

How are we different from Competitors

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Security Process

Multi-channel Support Best-in-class Technology

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