Data Conversion basically is the change in format in which data is presented, we are here to help you in data conversion huge volumes from one standard format to other known file format. Structured & digitized data will help a lot in extracting some great insights that can be helpful to achieve business goals. We at eDatawork really understand your priorities and get back to you with minimum turnaround time.

Our Offering

Just make it for sure that working agency has full understanding of both formats which are required in data conversion process flow

PDF Conversion

Paper to Searchable PDF

Image to MS-Word

PDF to Doc conversion

HTML Conversion

XML Conversion

Paper to eBook Conversion

ASCII Data Conversion

Electronic Recognition – OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

PDF file into word format, excel worksheet etc.

How eDatawork will help you

  • Data Protection
  • Improved Access & Usability
  • Meaningful Information
  • Data Clean-Up
  • Access to Various Data & File Formats

What you will get if you hire us

  • Get your task done by creative minds
  • Leverage our 7+ years’ experience of successfully outsourcing
  • Access to latest technologies & various file formats
  • Privacy & non-disclosure assurance
  • New clients can claim extra advantage of 7-8 hours free trial
  • On time project deliveries
  • Reduce the cost by 65% to 75% in your outsourcing task
  • Customer service – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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